Youth of the Year

LIONS YOUTH of the YEAR QUEST         

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The Quest is designed to encourage student interest in leadership and the qualities required to take an active and constructive role in the community.

It seeks a high level of academic, leadership, sporting, public speaking and citizenship achievement in its potential winners.  By emphasizing these qualities, it hopes to provide outstanding role models for the youth of Australia and an overall increase in the confidence of young men and women.

The Quest is an excellent means of assisting Australia’s youth and promoting the essential role of leadership development and community service organisations in maintaining Australia’s high standard of living.


The Lions Club of Bundaberg has been part of the Quest for many years.  From the earliest days of the Club, a Youth of the Year representative has been selected to move through to higher levels of judging including the State finals.

This Club project fell into recess for a few years in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. It was re-activated in 1996 and remains a strong Club project with enthusiastic support from our access school, Bundaberg State High School.

Youth of the Year club-level winners from Bundaberg Lions Club in more recent times were:


1965 Paul Anderson

1967 John Goldston

1968 Roger Clarke

1969 Denis Donaghy

1971 John Pearson


1974 Murray Bent

1976 David Cullen

1978 Ross Higgins

1979 Richard Burton

1996 Andrew Stumer

1997 Michael Muchow

1998 Scott Savage

1999 Robyn Sallaway

2000 Tamara Green   Also moved through to Regional Final

2001 Christine Peers

2002 Susan Weir

2003 Megan Schulte

2004 Daniel Hand

2005 Kira Field

2008 Gemma Manns

2009 Courtney Rasmussen

2010 Aidan Mankofski

2011 Richard Lawton   Also moved through to Regional Final

2012 Tianna Rasmussen         Program of 201Q4 Regional Final       Media Release Region 3 Final

2013 Stephanie De Papi

2014 Ethan Todd    also moved through to Zone and Regional Final

2015 Madison Young               Programme of Zone 8

2016 Georgia Davie                 News Release         Club YOY with Alma Ing O.A.M.      Club YOY Bulletin

2017 Natalia Frick                 Club YOY Bulletin

2018 Jaden Collin                 Club YOY Bulletin

2019 Alex Buckholz              Club YOY Bulletin     Zone YOY Bulletin   Also though to Regional Final

2020 Katie McCord              Club YOY Bulletin     Zone YOY Bulletin  Also through to Regional Final but Covid cancelled..

2021 Breeanna Pegg      (Bundaberg)      Hannah Munro    (Bargara)         Club YOY Bulletin

2022 Lleyton Peterson  (Bundaberg)      Brayden Sander  (Bargara)         Club Judging

2023 Georgia Herbener (Bundaberg)     Nicole Seesink     (Bargara)         Club Judging    Newspaper      National Final Program

2024 Sophie Moore (Bundaberg)  Cadence Taylor (Bargara)      Club Judging    Newspaper  Cadence also wins Regional and District