Melbourne Cup Sweep

Bundaberg Lions Melbourne Cup Sweep


How does the Bundaberg Lions Melbourne Cup Sweep work?
The sweep works a bit like a giant raffle. Usually there are 24 horses so 24 tickets need to be drawn in order (first draw Horse 1 etc.). If you don’t get your ticket number drawn that, is it for you and we thank you for your support. If your number is drawn your horse is allocated by order of the draw. Everyone that draws a horse wins a prize. If your ticket comes out in the draw we will ring and advise you. The result of the draw is published on this site and our Facebook as soon as possible. (Usually, the Sunday Night before the race). You now have to wait for the Melbourne Cup Race to see if your horse wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last place prize or a non-placed prize. This is why it is called a sweep.

All the funds raised will go to worthwhile Lions Projects. In a way that makes everybody a winner. It could even be your life that is saved by one of our Medical Research Projects.

Bundaberg Lions
Melbourne Cup Sweep

uploaded Sunday afternoon 5/11/2023

Bundaberg Lions Club 2023 Melbourne Draw Last 4 digits of Phone No.
Horse Ticket No. Drawn by Phone
GOLD TRIP 247 Greg P xxxxxx3839
ALENQUER 1778 Dusty xxxxxx4343
WITHOUT A FIGHT 2553 Ellen L xxxxxx1093
BREAKUP 2399 Robin xxxxxx3876
VAUBAN 2979 Gail M xxxxxx0672
SOULCOMBE 1681 Colleen K xxxxxx2861
ABSURDE 2972 Gail M xxxxxx0672
RIGHT YOU ARE 1911 Tracey D xxxxxx0065
VOW AND DECLARE 223 Doug H xxxxxx5031
CLEVELAND 1971 Elenda J xxxxxx5715
ASHRUN 1222 Barry B xxxxxx6113
DAQIANSWEET JUNIOR 1389 Michelle N xxxxxx5752
OKITA SOUSHI 2120 Tina xxxxxx5572
SHERAZ 2970 Gail M xxxxxx0672
LASTOTCHKA 2284 Ian K xxxxxx2331
MAGICAL LAGOON 2043 Mel xxxxxx8672
MILITARY MISSION 195 J C xxxxxx6248
SERPENTINE 2617 Barry S xxxxxx1727
VIRTUOUS CIRCLE 2607 Garry M xxxxxx6712
MORE FELONS 601 Mick C xxxxxx7317
FUTURE HISTORY 2456 Tammy xxxxxx0255
INTERPRETATION 719 Corrie xxxxxx5136
KALAPOUR 1801 M E xxxxxx1767
TRUE MARVEL 2877 Sharon F xxxxxx5825